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ShanXi JinXin Card Clothing co., LTD is located in 207 state road side , where is only 3 kilometers far away from TaiJiu highway exit(From TaiYuan to JiuGuan).  Our facotry area is 40000 square meters, 300 employees, including the early, middle and senior title of professional and technical  personnel account for 35% of the total amount employees.

ShanXi JinXin Card Clothing Co., Ltd. which integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales together, is a Chinese professional card clothing production base with more than 30 years development history. We are the high-tech enterprise, the“environmentally friendly enterprise” and the“green enterprise”by environmental behavior evaluation in ShanXi province, We are the security council members of Chinese Textile Machinery Industry Association.

Our main products are AAAA, AAA, AA, A four series flat top card clothing and various types of metallic card clothing, which are used on the carding process in cotton spinning, wool spinning, linen, synthetic fibres, cashmere carding factory widely.

JinXin card clothing is a famous brand trademark in ShanXi Province, the flat top card clothing is a new product and has obtained a number of national patents. We imported the equipment and learned the technology from Italian Scardassi company for new type flat top card clothing, metallic card clothing was multi-knife punched, full-process microcomputer controlled intelligent production.

Adhering to the integrity management of ShanXi merchants, ShanXi JinXin card clothing would provide you good service and we would be your first choice for carding.

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Shanxi jinxin needle elastic cloth with bottom

Report from our correspondent (reporter and liu) shanxi xinhui clothing co., LTD is the only company in Shanxi Province in the production of textile equipment manufacturers, is also the northern region's largest production base of textile equipment, its technology in the international advanced level, are among the best technological prowess in the same industry enterprises in the country.

The graph is chairman of shanxi xinhui clothing company Zhang Xin (left) to China textile machinery equipment industry association director Wang Shutian (second left) about the exhibition.

In 2012, the company invested more than 2012 ten thousand yuan, the introduction of the domestic leading technology and advanced equipment, complete the annual output of 100000 square meters elastic clothing development projects with bottom cloth. Imported natural rubber, special pure cotton cloth, the main production of elastic nonwovens with bottom cloth, matte rubber, grain rubber and other products, to reach the company supporting for private use, meet the demand of the domestic flat clothing production, by the professional testing institutions inspection, products meet national standards, users to try various performance is good.

The project implementation, greatly improving the company's clothing production supporting capacity, reduces the outsourcing of raw materials, to improve the quality of clothing products, reduce cost, increase the comprehensive benefit, enhance market competitiveness, has great and far-reaching significance.

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